Martyn Hammersley

Prof Hammersley is a foremost educational researcher. He has a large range of publications, covering methods and substantial pieces of (usually qualitative) work. He is famous for rigorous questioning of recent approaches to educational inquiry, including action research, practitioner research, teachers as researchers, demands for relevant research and so on.

List of publications in OU repository

Particular critical pieces include:

Hammersley, M (1995)'Theory and Evidence in Qualitative Research', in Quality and Quantity, 29: 55--66.
Hammersley, M. (1996) 'Post Mortem or Postmodern?Reflections on British Sociology of Education, British Journal of Education Studies, 44(4): 395--407.
Hammersley, M (1997) 'Educational research and teaching: A response to David Hargreaves' TTA lecture', British Educational Research Journal, Vol. 23, Issue 2.
(and see Hargreaves' response:
Hargreaves, D., (1997) In defence of research for evidence-based teaching: A rejoinder to Martyn Hammersley. British Educational Research Journal, Vol. 23, Issue 4).

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Hammersley, M. (2001) '
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research? Reflections on some recent proposals' ,International Journal of Research & Method in Education Vol. 28, No. 1 pp. 5–21.

Hammersley, M. (2005) 'Should Social Science Be Critical?', Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Vol. 35 No. 2, 175-195.
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Hammersley, M.(2008)'Troubling criteria: a critical commentary on Furlong and Oancea's framework for
assessing educational research', British Educational Research Journal, 34:6,747 — 762.
(NB see the original by Furlong and Oancea here)
Hammersley, M  (2009)'Challenging Relativism: The Problem of Assessment Criteria',  Qualitative Inquiry :15(1) 3--29.

Foster, P., Gomm R & Hammersley, M. (2000) 'Case Studies as Spurious Evaluations: The example of the research on educational inequalities', British Journal of Educational Studies, 48(3): 215--30.