Actor-Network Theory (A marvellous online archive. Another one here Try a brief intro to Latour here.)

Comte on positivism

Facts and values (a useful discussion of Putnam's work)

Methodenstreit (dispute about whether there can be a social science)

Positivist Dispute (really a clash between critical theorists and critical rationalists. See also  Adorno and Popper)
See also Adorno's lecture series on Sociology,  given in the late 1960s, which has many of the points reflecting the ongoing debate with his positivist critics: Adorno, T. (2002) Introduction to Sociology, Cambridge: Polity press.

Positivism and postmodernism (includes an index to further reading)

Radical Academy (introduction to positivism with useful further reading)

St Louis, B. (2004)  'Sport and common sense racial science', in Leisure Studies, 23(1): 31 - 46