Very brief notes on: Alvardo, M.  (1979) 'Teaching Television', Screen Education 31: 25-29.

Dave Harris

[This is a review of the dear departed ILEA's proposal to teach Television Studies in schools, one of a number of proposals discussed in various editions of Screen Education.  Alvorado notices the usual critical stance towards television studies from teachers, who are rather condescending when thinking of student competence.  The main problems are identified as fitting television studies into schools, with their increasing incorporation and modernization of the curriculum.  How can media studies be kept genuinely oppositional and critical?  There is one marvelous quote:]

'The implication of this argument is, of course that students can learn to analyze critically one ideological apparatus of the state (the broadcasting institutions) from within another (the education system), and then apply these newly learnt tools in a reflexive analysis of their own situation…  This is a rather ambitious project…  But nothing wrong in being ambitious' (28).

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