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MacDonaldization, feat. Weber (an overview of Ritzer with an attempt to link explicitly with Weber on bureaucracy)

A 'look inside' Harris (2004) on macdonaldization (exellent summary -- brilliant book too,and attractively priced)

Some additional 'reading guides' from my website page related to Harris (2004):

Fantasia, R. (1995)  'Fast Food in France', in Theory and Society, Vol 24, No 2: 201 - 43. (An account of accommodation and resistance - see also Ram and Traphagen & Brown below -- but also a good account of the cultural appeal of Macs as American, progressive etc for the young petit bourgeoisie and adolescents).
Mayhew, C and Quinlan, M.  (2002)  'Fordism in the fast food industry: pervasive management control and occupational health and safety risks for young temporary workers', in Sociology of Health and Illness, Vol 24, No 3: 261 - 84. (A quick review of this piece on the good safety record of Fordist techniques in fast food, despite risks of violence from customers)
Prichard, C. and Willmott, H. (1996) 'Just how managed is the McUniversity?', unpublished, a paper given at the 'The Dilemmas of Mass Higher Education' conference, Staffordshire University, April 10-12, 1996. (A critical account of Macdonaldisation as applied to universities. Managers cannot dominate universities, although the trends are all that way).
Ram, U. (2004)  'Glocommodification: How the Global Consumes the Local -- McDonald's in Israel', in Current Sociology, Vol 52, No.1: 11 - 31. (Good examples of combinations of local and global in fast food. Overall conclusion is that commodification dominates)
Ritzer, G. (1996)  'McUniversity in the Post modern Consumer Society', in Quality in Higher Education, Vol 2, No 3: 185 - 99 (A trenchant examination and critique of trends in university organisation. A response to Prichard and Willmott. A clearly transitional piece moving from Weber into marxism and Baudrillard).
Ritzer, G. and Stillman, T. (2001)  'The Postmodern Ballpark as a Leisure Setting: Enchantment and Simulated De- McDonaldization', in Leisure Sciences, 23: 99-113.(Applies McDonaldization and 'enchantment' to baseball. Adds in some themes from postmodern and marxist analysis. Concludes McDonaldization is only concealed not reversed by 'enchantment' strategies).
Traphagen, J. and Brown, L  (2002)  'Fast food and intergenerational commensality in Japan: new styles and old patterns', in Ethnology, Vol 41, No 2: 119 - 34. (More of a 'transnational' account of Japanese localisation of US fast food, which denies globalized McDonaldization, unlike Ram. Interesting case studies)

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