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David Harris BSc.(Econ), PGCE, MA Soc, PhD (Lond)

Hi there, and welcome. I am a college lecturer and researcher, and I have written a lot of teaching material over the years. I have taught students in Media Studies, Education and Distance Education, Recreation Studies, Cultural Studies and Sociology. I decided to put some free materials on my website, discussing the work of major theorists and debating central issues.  

I am constantly up-dating these materials so you are welcome to check back often. You can download them here: 

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Meanwhile, let me just plug some of my own books, in case you find yourself with a few pounds or dollars to spare:  

1987 Openness and Closure in Distance Education, Falmer Press: Lewes. (ISBN 1 85000 192 8) This is a sociological analysis and critique of distance education in one of its characteristic forms -- the UK Open University. 

1992 From Class Struggle to the Politics of Pleasure...,Routledge: London and New York. (ISBN 0-415-06224-1) This is a thorough critique of 'British Cultural Studies', the work of the CCCS, the OU Popular Culture Group and their alumni -- S Hall, P Willis, D Hebdige, A MacRobbie and so on. 

1996 A Society of Signs?, Routledge:London and New York. (ISBN 0-415-11129-3) A thoroughly critical discussion (again), this time of postmodernism in its encounters with Sociology. I try to make Sociology win. 

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