Portfolio Task 1 – Conducting & experiencing a personal narrative interview.


Interview of ************ on the 02/11/2005 at ********* College.


Age – 32


Nationality – British




Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. I am keen to find out how important sport is for people and how it shapes and impacts on their lives.


Do you mind if I tape record the interview?


Start Tape!!!



Life Chapters


Think of your life as an ongoing book. Can you divide up your life into chapters? I often think in terms of primary school, secondary school, work and recreation. How is it for you?






Key events.


Peak experience – high point




Nadir experience – low point




Turning point – significant change




Earliest memory



An important childhood memory




An important adolescent memory




An important adult memory




Other important memory




Significant people




Future script




Stresses & problems




Personal ideology




Life theme