Prof. Cathie Marsh's Datasets

The late Prof C Marsh was kind enough to send me the datasets she uses in her splendid book (Marsh, C. (1988) Exploring Data: An Introduction to Data Analysis for Social Scientists, Cambridge: Polity Press). I hope no-one is offended by my using her datasets like this -- of so, please email me.

The memorial site The Cathie Marsh Centre has a useful website here

 Prof Marsh used the stats package MINITAB to work through some exercises on these datasets. If you don't want to follow her book exactly, these are still conveniently-sized datasets for a range of exercises. Each dataset has lots of numbers in columns representing various scores. You need to download the codes for each set to understand what is actually being measured. NB in each dataset, missing or absent returns are coded as -1.

They are stored as EXCEL files (HTM) , and some are quite large. Download them, then copy and paste into EXCEL in order to manipulate the data:

CLASS codes
HEIGHT codes
TOWNS codes