Exercise 2

1.   Choose a topic you want to research via questionnaires:

  •  choice of leisure, 
  • effects of playing video games
  • shopping for pleasure
  • using public golf courses
  • choosing a holiday

2.   Design some fixed-choice questions on the demographics  e.g. gender, age bands, postal district

3.   Think up ways to ask clear and effective questions about the topics in your study:

  • definitions, use of sensitive information etc
  • operationalising variables (turning them into something definable and measurable)

4.   Think up some open-ended questions

  • what is it you like best about playing hockey?
  • what explains the fun of collecting old musical instruments?
  • what sort of career do you want to pursue?
  • what do you feel like after you have taken Ecstasy?

5.   Mix the questions and design a short questionnaire. Think of issues like clarity of questions (avoid double questions), layout of items, sequence (uncontroversial ones first?), how to administer ( interview-based? postal questionnaire? email?).