Exercise 1

1.   Examine professional examples

  • S.O. in education -- a worked example here
  • Using S.O. in PE -- try some ideas here
  • If you can get electronic access, try this article . If not, look it up manually : Cushion, C. and Jones, R. (2001) A Systematic Observation of Top-Level Youth Soccer Coaches, in Journal of Sport Behaviour, 24 (4).
  • Try this article on observing and recording the behaviour of fans at football matches -- it nearly is but not quite S.O.

Try also the ORACLE studies of British primary schools -- eg  Galton, M., Simon, B. and Croll, P. (1980) Inside the Primary Classroom, London: Routledge.

2.   List and discuss the techniques:
  •  what training is required? 
  • what is included and what left out of the schedule?
  • what counts as a ‘good’ observation schedule?