HEIGHT codes

1. Husband's age
2 Registrar - General's social class of the husband:
1 class I: higher professional and managerial
2 class II: lower professional and managerial
3 class IIIN: routine non-manual
4 class IIIM: skilled manual
5 class IV: semi-skilled manual
6 class V: unskilled manual
3. Height of the husband in mm
4. Wife's age
5. Registrar - General's social class of the wife  (as column 2)
6. Height of the wife in mm
7. The type of tenancy which they have:
1 live rent-free
2 own property on a mortgage
3 own property outright
4 council-house tenant
5 private rented accommodation
8. The age of the husband at the time of this marriage
9. Whether the husband smokes or not:
0 did not smoke today
1 smoked today