Exercise 2

1.   Choose a suitable topic (where subjective meanings are important) eg:

  • why choose this course?
  • what are the main problems with a particular policy?
  • why do people (not) visit a leisure site?
  • for or against fox hunting and why?

2.  Divide the variables into ‘structured’ (age, frequency, postal district, qualifications) and ‘unstructured’ (reasons, beliefs, feelings, influences etc)

3.   Devise a process to sequence questions :

  • naturalistic narrative?
  • easy ones first?
  • 'closed'' questions' follow 'open' ones?
  • 'sensitive' ones by using flash cards?
  • prompts to assist memory?
  • check questions (checking to see if there has been any exaggeration etc)?
  • dummies to avoid the interviewee guessing the purpose of the interview?