Four by Two

Dead Dog Productions ©

shot 1:


(off screen)
Narrator# 1: Oh! That looks like  a conference at a university
Narrator#2 : No, that is a meeting of senior managers who are implementing a 25% cut to the funds of a university

shot  2:


#1: That's better! That is a university.
#2 No. That is a vale of tears
#1 But I don't see any tears...
#:No -- the lecturer who has been replaced by that video is weeping at home

shot 3:


#1: Oh look! A brick!
#2: No -- that is a concept.
#1 Who on earth makes that claim?
#2 Massumi, in his introduction to A Thousand Plateaus

shot 4:


#1: I know what that is! It's a rhizome! Deleuze and Guattari write about them!
#2:No. That's not what they mean by a rhizome. This is far more like what they meant:

on screen 5 (link to video)

Fade to black.