How to succeed in your social sciences degree

This book takes a clear-eyed approach to the challenges of university life, offers realistic advice and demonstrates how to acquire transferable skills with a view to future employability.

How do you survive the university experience? What do tutors want? How can you express yourself best in tutorials, seminars, essays and exams?

Part of the 'Sage Study Skills' series and written in an engaging and no-nonsense style by experienced teachers, the book offers students the perfect one-stop guide to making their university study experience count.

How to Succeed in Your Social Science Degree
"As a guide to living and studying at university, this book goes beyond describing basic study skills and instead invites the reader to use ideas from sociology to make sense of the role of being a student, the university as an institution and the professional relationships between students and lecturers. It is written in a style that feels like having a supportive and experienced tutor, who has bags of common sense and has seen hundreds of students through university, talking you through the issues while offering practical advice and wise commentary to help you come to terms with the demands of being a student" - Peter Lunt, Brunel University

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Hilary Arksey, University of York
David Harris, University College Plymouth, St Mark and St John