Jacques Rancière Page

by Dave Harris

Here are some links to various sets of notes on some Ranciere's own works, some of my notes on some commentaries on Ranciere, and some comments of my own as try-outs for my own publications

My notes on Rancière's own works 

Please note: these are my notes and comments on the various works. Of course they reflect my interests. I add specific comments in square brackets. The notes are no substitute for reading the real thing, but are there to give you an idea of the contents so you can prioritize.

The Ignorant Schoolmaster
Aesthetics and cultural politics
The Philosopher and His Poor
(excellent critique of Marx and Bourdieu, Sartre, and some philosophers. Ends with a summary of his whole project)
Interview 2003
Thinking Between Disciplines (good short but condensed summary of critique of Bourdieu)
Althusser's Lesson
The Emancipated Spectator
(includes good summary of The Ignorant Schoolmaster in ch. 1)
Interview on radical cinema
Staging the People (brief notes only -- very dense and self-referencing debates about worker history)

My commentaries

Although I have separated out the critiques of Marx and Bourdieu and others, it is possible to see that they are connected. The radical emancipatory pedagogue needs two elements: analysis of the unfairness,inequality and exploitativeness of capitalism or equivalent; an explanation of why ordinary punters do not see that their real interests lie in radial revolution. The latter element leads to a need for radical education to overcome misrecognition. The generally low estimate of the ability of punters to see what is hidden means this is often explicatory education, sometimes authoritarian, and it also involves claiming a privilege for particular academic specialisms -- marxism, philosophy or sociology. Learning these also requires years of education and submission.

Rancière and Jacotot the Ignorant Schoolmaster
Criticisms of Althusser and Marx

Rancière and Foucault
Rancière's Politics

My notes on other people's commentaries

Biesta on the (rather oddly philosophical 'methodology')
Pelletier on R's critique of Bourdieu
Pelletier again,on R and feminism (includes discussion of R's untranslated work on Freud)
Brown defends LA a bit and discusses very interesting modern marxist analyses of work
Bosteels reviews the R vs LA debate
Douailler reviews R vs LA
Lambert (2011) on architecture and its effects on pedagogy, allegedly inspired by Rancière
Lambert (2012) discusses using Rancière to redesign learning spaces as art galleries at Warwick University
Lewis compares Rancière and Freire on the role of the image in emancipatory education
Mejia criticises the neutrality of R's politics from the pov of black women
Valentine v good discussion of the contradictions in R's conceptions of politics

more social theory