Prof. Wilfred Reilly Page

Wilfred Reilly is a
political science professor at Kentucky State University who has written a series of articles in Commentary magazine, described as a conservative Jewish magazine in some quarters. He is a critic of Black Lives Matters and the narratives offered by BLM spokespersons on race in the USA. He undertakes his own research on race and racism too. I do not know how he self-identifies ethnically or racially. The articles below are a sample of his work and vary in length and style, and it is convenient to collect them all together. They are not always well-referenced.

News They Won't Tell You About Race in America An alternative and polemical account of various gaps between racial groups in the USA indicating the importance of other factors

Hate Crime Hoaxes and Why They Happen Some of his own research, and others', on the growth of hoax hate crime reports in the USA. Controversial conclusions. Amazing examples!

The New Definition of Racism. Can we find a way out of Mr Rogers's neighbourhood? Critique of race as the sole explanation of gaps in attainment, and a plea to return to racism as discrimination

Crime Against Asians Isn't Due to White Supremacy. The data show it. A CNN-inspired campaign implicating Trump followers contrasted with Bureau of Justice statistics

Testing the Tests for Racism A critique of audit-based research showing bias against black people in employment and housing