CCCS/S Hall/OU Popular Culture Group

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Dave Harris

analysing the media (Hall on the 'ideology effect'), coding and decoding,  ideology and the news, racism on TV
debates with rivals 1 ( Hall versus Coward on 'Screen Theory')
debates with rivals 2 (Hall et al versus Hirst on crime and resistance)
designing U203 ( Bennett on notions of popular culture and how to teach them at the OU)
educational policy (Education Group Education Limited)
leisure and recreation (Clarke and Critcher The Devil Makes Work)
moral panics like ' mugging' (Hall et al Policing the Crisis)
relations to feminisms (Women's Group Women Take Issue)
relations to black activism (CCCS The Empire Strikes Back, Hall on new ethnicity as 'contingent')
sport and recreation ( Hargreaves Sport, Culture and Ideology)
youth culture (Resistance Through Rituals
Willis -- Learning to Labour, L to L revisited, Common Culture, on using ethnographic methods, methods in Profane Cultures ( including semiotic and 'homology')

Sivanandan's glorious and inspired critique of 'New Times'