Applying Theory to Practice: Putting Deleuze to Work


This began life as a series of academic papers  and notes for them for various European sociology of education journals. They rejected them for some odd reasons – I think they hoped I would apply Deleuzian concepts not criticize Deleuze (shocking!). They couldn't decide if it all fitted 'education' or not, which they defined quite differently even among themselves. They didn’t like Bourdieu (in a soc of ed journal!). They wanted more Guattari. They can fuck off. I have reorganized the pieces as teaching material instead. I have broken this into smaller sections, but they do follow on.

This has helped me produce a hyperlinked document too. I have substantial notes on many pieces by Deleuze, Bourdieu, DeLanda and others, and I can link you through to them from these documents. There are also some excellent video lectures by the great people (not Deleuze and Guattari though, who died too soon) on the marvellous European Graduate School You Tube channel.  Search for named authors.

How has Deleuze usually been applied to education? (lots of people wish it was still 1968)

Deleuze's rejection of conventional ways to 'apply' his stuff. 

Deleuze's style  as elitist -- a Bourdieuvian critique (or -- why we should apply pedagogy to theory for a change)

Proper education for Deleuze and Guattari – swimming, watching films and becoming animals