Lather on Feminist Research

Please note: these are my notes and comments on the various works. Of course they reflect my interests. I add specific comments in square brackets. The notes are no substitute for reading the real thing, but are there to give you an idea of the contents so you can prioritize.

Lather, P.  (1992) 'Critical Frames in Educational Research: Feminist and Post - structural Perspectives'

Lather P. (2000) ' Against Empathy, Voice and Authenticity'
Lather, P. (1998) 'Critical pedagogy and its complexities: A praxis of stuck places.'

Lather, P.  (2012) 'Methodology - 21: What Do We Do in the Afterward?' (video)

Fotheringham, S. (2013) 'Exploring the Methodology of Getting Lost with Patti Lather'. 

Notes on a discussion with P Lather

St Pierre, E (2008) 'Decentring Voice in Qualitative Inquiry.'