26 Lisson Grove

Career Statement
Awarded a 2.1 for a joint honours degree in leisure and tourism and sport and recreation, which has been achieved through hard work and commitment. Such tenacity has yielded excellent research and communication skills.  A holistic understanding of product utilisation and customer satisfaction has been accumulated through fieldwork and employment in the leisure and tourism sector. 

Skills Profile

  1. Working under own initiative to organise research and produce quality assignments to meet course deadlines for a degree.
  2. Communicating in small groups to deliver presentations to students as part of the degree.
  3. Conducting a semiotic analysis of a popular tourist venue (Tintagel) to compare marketing and promotion with visitor satisfaction for a dissertation.
  4. Designing, implementing and analysing visitor questionnaires to investigate visitor perceptions of Tintagel for a dissertation.
  5. Liaison with senior team members in a National Park Information Centre to respond efficiently to a myriad of customer enquiries.
  6. Organising and counselling guests on a daily basis at a children's activity centre.
  7. Competent with a range of software, including Microsoft Word, Excel and SPSS.

Education and Qualifications

  1. BA (Hons) Leisure and Tourism (major) and Sport and Recreation (minor). 2.1.College of St Mark & St John, University of Exeter.1998-2000
  2. HND Sustainable Tourism Newton Rigg College, University of Central Lancashire.1996-1998

Work Experience

GROUP LEADER (8-13 age group)1998-1999 PGL TRAVEL, Boreatton Park Activity Centre.  Summer vacations. 

  1. Collaborated with other group leaders and senior staff members  to ensure optimum welfare and satisfaction for up to 24 guests. 
  2. Organised and motivated guests to participate in various activities
  3. Solved problems and responded to individual needs.
  4. Prepared arrivals and departures. 
  5. Conducted a guided tour of the site.
  6. Kept a simple cash float of up to £300.
  1. Worked as a member of a small team to deliver good customer care. 
  2. Ability to listen and respond in a calm and efficient manner was a fundamental component. 
  3. Acted as cultural broker between visitor and accommodation sector in Book A Bed Ahead (BABA) scheme.  Required excellent telephone skills and verbal communication.
  4. Compiled a database of local camping barns in response to the expanding camping barn network.
  5. Conducted a survey of local shops and facilities to enhance visitor information.
  6. Ordered, distributed and sold stocks to customers.
  7. Extracted and communicated local weather forecast on a daily basis.
  1. Punctuality and dedication were paramount in order to work regular unsociable hours (0500-1300 Mon-Sat and also night shifts).
  2. Required honest and responsible person to transport personal and valuable items safely to customers.
  3. Enhanced quality of product by building good customer relations and loyalty.
  1. Group Leader Award - PGL 1998
  2. Food Hygiene Certificate- Newton Rigg College 1997
  3. CLAIT stages 1&2 - Newton Rigg College 1996
  1. A passion for hiking and the outdoors has provided an excuse to travel extensively in Britain and some parts of Europe.  Experiences are complemented by a photographic journal.
  2. Have represented both school and club at football and athletics. 
  3. Also like music, cinema, reading and writing.
Date of birth: 4 April 1972
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Nationality: British