Here are some links to other useful sites:

I should say I am not personally endorsing all of these, of course -- please exercise your own forms of caution

5 Ways to go green at home  -- a US and Canada developer site

360 Educational solutions -- Title: teaching degree Description: Get a teaching degree through 360-edu. Hundreds of programs to choose from.

Adult Education HQ (US) categorized resource directory for everything about adult education.

Anthropology Resources   anthropology related news, books and web resources

Applied Sociology (thanks to Gene Shackman for this)

Art as Therapy. Some useful links here (embroidery) , here  (confessional art) and here (holistic mental health)

Bali silver beads wholesale  (We have a wide range of Bali silver beads and silver from Indonesia. Our prices are very reasonable for international sourcing)

Best campus for LGBT students (guide)

Bottle recycling (US)

British Sociological Association Early Careers Forum. Teaching Resources

California teaching credential (Resources for aspiring educators in California. Online degree programs and certification information).
Choose media production degrees at Solent University  Media production degree courses mix conceptual work with practical projects in digital video, interactive media, radio, digital photography and screenwriting. Media production degree courses mix conceptual work with practical projects in digital video, interactive media, radio, digital photography and screenwriting.

Classroom management: some useful (American) resources here, here and here

Clinical Trials on the Positive Effects of Gardening and Experiencing Nature

Contact Lenser It's a price comparison site for lenses.

Collection of criminal justice resources and (US) school ranking tool

CTHEORY (electronic journal)
Distance Education Technology Degrees - Reviews and  Information about online education technology degrees at the Bachelor, Masters and certificate  levels. -- is a comprehensive and informative resource that systematically sorts out the available history graduate programs available today in the U.S. The information is very valuable to students today who are not only dealing with the competitive nature of higher education, but also the rising costs of it.

Guide to Online Master's Programs in Speech Language Pathology  For those considering a career in the speech patholology field via online degree programs from accredited schools that can help them get the necessary education and training while taking classes remotely.

Guide to Trade School For People with Disabilities  

Heavy Equipment Operator Heavy Equipment Training Visit today to learn how HCA can get you started in an exciting career operating heavy equipment.Get certified as a heavy equipment operator through Northeast Heavy Construction Academy and advance your career today.

Handling domestic chemicals

Home safety for seniors and carers

Home Security Tips
from Osep Cruz

"How Used Cooking Oils and Animal Fats are Recycled. from DAR PRO
Paperless office eDrawer is an affordable and very easy to deploy and use paperless office solution.

Dr Michael Pearn's site. Dr Michael Pearn is both an academic with specialisms in sustainability, disability research and preservation within heritage sites and a freelance tutor working for training providers in the care industry.

Perlego Online Library. Really large and useful collection of academic resources and tools. Subscription-based.
SIA Licence Training UK.Get advice on SIA licence training and start a career in one of the best paid jobs in the UK. Find SIA licence courses in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Reading, Liverpool, Brighton.
Speech Disorder Resources for College Students (produced by Speech Pathology Master's Program.

Speech therapy resources for kids with autism -- a curated list of games, tools and exercises.
    S. Zupko's database (cultural studies, social theory)

    Study Guide (provides you with a collection of links to a variety of resources geared towards students, including a searchable directory and thematic channels)
Theme Park Information (Description: Every one in the world turns into a happy child the moment that they enter a theme park.)

Triumph Academy of Defensive Driving is one of the most reputable and recognized driving schools in Toronto.

"Ultimate guide to Create a Landing Page"

Vehicle recycling -- a useful discussion of the possibilities

Virtual and Distance Learning -- Useful Tools (some of the study advice might need a bit of caution)

Waste Management in households
-- some simple techniques

Work from home nursing positions
. A
guide that offers advice on transitioning from an on-site nursing job to a remote one and discusses common remote nursing positions and employers and the educational and work experience needed for remote nursing work.
Workplace Etiquette (very useful practical advice about accomplishing common workplace tasks)