Nick Sherriff's page

Nick Sherriff is a former student and now a colleague, teaching in Duchy College, Cornwall. He has produced some excellent work (as assignments) and some teaching materials of his own. He is an inspiring person, with a fascinating CV. Check out some of these puppies below!!

Equity in (UK) Lottery grants

Public participation in decision making in sport and leisure

Two essays on designing coaching sessions

On the heritage industry

Organising international sports events

Organising a rock-climbing club

On 'best value' policies

On the Eden Project

Opportunities for elite sportspeople  in the UK

On neo-imperialism in British culture

Women in sport...male power?

On diet and exercise

Marketing local leisure facilities

Undergraduate Dissertation -- The Pleasures of Video Games

Abstract and ch 1 ( history of the games)

Chapter 2 Researching pleasure

Chapter 3  Methodology

Chapter 4 Results

Chapter 5 Conclusion and recommendations


Interview Schedule

Teaching and Learning in Adult Education

On experiential learning

Postgraduate work

Conducting and experiencing a personal narrative interview
Analyzing the interview