Ask Dr Dave...(but nothing too difficult, please!!)

(Selected) questions and answers from my email correspondence
Cultural or material factors in educational attainment? A -- but got quite long and involved
Gender and educational inequality A -- covers a lot of ground very quickly
Is Sociology a Science? A -- brief and a bit opinionated
Marx and Durkheim on social change A -- brief outline 
Marx and Weber on stratification A -- pretty introductory, few extras
Origins of relativism A -- brief resume of the issues
Regulation versus free enterprise A -- bit specific
Sexual taboos and their regulation A -- not at all erotic, I swear -- just technical
Sociology and biography A --pretty sketchy
Tips for testees A -- getting started, some conventions and tips for beginners
Criticising newspaper articles A-- cut your teeth in this familiar exercise
Writing timed A-level essays A -- a cheerfully borrowed piece
Man as an organism?
A -- decoding essay titles, and about biological analogies


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