On Quantitative Methods

In this section, I draw together some files that are located in the more substantive areas (like education or media effects). I want to use them here to focus on quantitative methods in social sciences, especially on the logic of using quantitative data. Whatever you might think about using quantitative measurements (and, God knows, I am as sceptical as any of my generation), I think you do have to admire the ingenuity that goes into them. The researchers involved have tried to pin down, operationalise and then devise tests to measure the factors that they thought important, and this is really a welcome change from so much of the vacuous opinion that so often passes for comment in controversial areas. Of course, there are many assumptions involved in the use of quantitative measures -- but at least these are upfront where you can see them!

Blimey, you don't think I might be turning into a 'positivist' do you?
Three studies of 'class' and underachievement Classic early work on British education
The effects of violent TV programmes Belson and his careful study
The effects of violent video games #1
Anderson and Ford and their classic
The effects of violent video games #2
Anderson and Dill follow-up and extension
Video games and obesity
Vandewater et al try to research the link
Video games and bad behaviour in (US) schools 2004 study
Illegal drug use in the UK
A large study to explore drug use and test the notion of 'normalisation'
British youth cultures in the 1990s
Survey data is used to illuminate the position
Gender and involvement in sport
US study. Interesting attempts to measure involvement
Social class and (US) sports involvement
Uses quantitative data to explore the effects of economic and cultural capital
Social mobility studies 'Oxford' or 'Nuffield'  mobility studies
Social mobility -- class or meritocracy
Thorough debate developing  and using clever statistical models
Assessment and its effectiveness Using some stats to measure the performance of OU tests
Sporting Capital and Economic Capital
Attempt to pin down how sport participation pays off in economic terms
Cultural Capital and Sports Participation
Attempt to pin down and assess the variables
Motivational climate
Very systematic attempt to measure 'motivational climate' in sports coaching