You may find some of the following questions sensitive, and some may be difficult to answer.  Due to this it does not matter if you are unfamiliar with certain terms, as this will help the researcher establish your understanding of the topic.


Please answer the following questions prior to watching the film, Intimacy.


Age:  21


Sex:  Male


1.  What do you think about pornography? 


I do not have a problem with it.  It can be a useful sexual aid.



- For example what do you know about it?



2.  What is your attitude towards the sex industry?


It is a successful industry, so a lot of people obviously want it.  People enjoy sex just like they enjoy any other activity.


3.  Are you aware of any restrictions or legislation on the basis of censoring and licensing sexually explicit material?


Not specifically.



- If you are answering yes please state the information, and how this was gained.  Once answered go onto Question 4.



-If you are answering no, what censoring guidelines do you feel should be implemented, if any?  Once answered go onto Question 5.


I think they should continue with putting restrictions on ages for films etc.  Also there should be more evident warnings about a films content.




4.  Do you agree with these censoring legislationís/restrictions?  Explain your answer.





5.  Do you think there is a problem with freely talking about sex in society today?


No.  I think it is much better than it used to be.



6.  How does it personally make you feel to talk about it?


It doesnít really bother me; I canít see any problem with it.  In one sense it could be arousing to talk about it.


7.  Have you heard of the film, Intimacy prior to the researcher asking you to watch the film?  If yes, what and where did you gain this information?





8.  What are your initial thoughts, as you know you are about to watch a film containing sexually explicit material?  Try to be honest in your answer.


Iím feeling quite excited.  I do like watching pornography.



9.  What would be your preferred environment to watch such a film? 


It depends really.  I do not mind watching with my mates, or I wouldnít mind watching it with my girlfriend either.


- For example, with friends, alone, or with your partner.  Explain your choice.










Thank you answering these series of questions, enjoy the film!



Please answer the following questions after watching the film, Intimacy.  Please answer as fully as possible.



1.  What is your general opinion of the film overall?


It was really quite boring and hard to follow at times.  Not the sort of thing I would go out to watch.


2.  How did you feel when watching the scenes containing sexually explicit material? 


It wasnít what I expected, for a pornographic film.  It ended up being something quite funny to watch.


- Please include in your answer whether your opinion changed from your initial thoughts of watching this material?


My thoughts have only changed, as it wasnít what I expected from a pornographic film.


3.  Did you feel the portrayal of the female or male body in the sex scenes was degraded?


No.  I suppose both actors were showing what sex is really like, not like the Hollywood movies you see.  Also they both seemed to want it.


4.  How would you describe the sex scenes? 


Like I said above it was realistic really.



- For example, sexually explicit?

5.  Do you feel the sex scenes should have been censored?




- If you are answering yes, why and what parts?



- If you are answering no, why not?


I didnít feel it was pornographic, so why should you censor something that is only showing a natural activity?

6.  Has your opinion on your preferred watching environment changed from your opinion prior to watching the film?  Explain.


No.  I would still watch it with either, yet I donít think I will be watching it again.



7.  Intimacy has been labelled, ĎThe most controversial film of the year.í  Are you surprised? 


Yes.  Whatís controversial about it?  I suppose itís the sex scenes, but thatís not really controversial, though to some I suppose they could get offended.


- And would you agree with this label?




8.  Do you think the content of Intimacy was similar to the content of a pornographic film?  Please also answer if you have not viewed this type of genre before, but are aware of the content.

Explain your reasons.


No I donít.  Pornography tends to have no story line in it, and all it features is sex.  As I said before, itís not like pornoís, that have proper porn stars in them.


9.  Has your attitude changed on pornography after watching Intimacy?


No as it was not pornographic in my eyes.



10.  Are you aware of the social harm debate linking pornography with sexual violence?





- If you are answering yes, explain what you know and how you gained this information.  Then go onto Question 12.



- If you are answering no please go to question 11.


11.  As this is the first time you have heard about the social harm debate, are you surprised it is being debated?  Explain your reasons in your answers.


No.  People can easily abuse pornography, so could become harmful.  This is including child pornography; this is out of control.

12.  Do you think sex scenes should be censored by the State, or left to the individual to decide whether to watch a film containing this content?  Please explain.


It should be left to the individual.  People can decide what they want to watch anyway.  Maybe putting warnings on the box would be helpful, and then you can choose from that advice.


13.  If you knew the State found sexually explicit material difficult to control, would it change your opinion on censoring this information?  Explain.


No.  I still think people are capable of choosing what is suitable for them.  However I am aware now of this problem, there just needs to be more control in place, but I think the Internet is causing this problem especially with the child pornography.


14.  Do you feel attitudes towards sex have changed?


Yes.  It is a much more openly discussed topic now.



15.  Have you any other comments that you feel would be beneficial towards the research topic?


Thank you for taking time to fill in this questionnaire.  All information will be kept strictly confidential and used for research purposes only.