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I have files under three topics. Each session has its own menu page -- you just click the links below and choose a file to begin with. I have organised the files in a table. Some files overlap and I have put them on two menu pages

The best ones to read first on each menu page are at the top, and then, as you go down, you get more and more optional (and more general or 'theoretical') comment. You can choose to read the most obvious files first -- and there are also some additional ones 'on the side' as it were, which you can read if you are especially keen on these topics. However, the real beauty of electronic files is that you can read them in any order you wish -- so have a browse around and try out a few things.

Cclick the links below to access the menu pages and from there the files:

Menu Page #1 -- files on monitorialism, the beginnings of Marjons, Utilitarianism, marxist and Foucaldian critique

Menu Page #2 -- files on rational curriculum planning at the Open University

Menu Page #3 -- files on  deschooling, and teaching and learning on the Web