Some Reflections on Teaching Face-to-Face

What do lecturers actually do? What does it mean to design a course? What is it like working in a college or uni? What are lecturers actually scribbling down as notes when they attend conferences? What goes on in staff development sessions? What goes through your tutors'  minds when they face the dreaded teaching observation ordeal as part of the machinations of the Quality Police? What kinds of 'action research' do they do to inform their efforts to teach?

I can't promise to answer for everbody, of course, but I kept a log of my teaching experiences and my reflections on them, partly to assemble a portfolio for a course I was taking, but partly also for my own interest. I have disguised or been ambiguous about names and locations, but otherwise I have tried to be frank but fair. See what you think...
Course design
Electronic designs
Staff development sessions
 A conference on 
student motivation

 'Action Research' 
on student choice
 See also some unpublished conference papers on teaching in higher education:

BSA Conference paper on educational technology

BSA Conference paper on teaching the sociology of education

SSP2000 Conference paper on teaching 'methods'

SSP 2000 Conference paper on teaching social theory

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