Denzin Page

Notes on Articles

'The Research Act' (a useful argument about the methods of symbolic interactionism)
 'Analytic Autoethnography, or Deja-Vu all Over Again' (a spiky intervention in the Ellis/Bochner vs Anderson dispute about the value of autoethnography)
'A Critical Performance Pedagogy That Matters' (substantial claims for radical performances as cultural politics)

'More Rare Air: Michael Jordan on Michael Jordan' (Jordan as  the ideal representation of global capital's human nature -- very much into dominant ideology)
'Harold and Agnes: a Feminist Narrative Undoing' (very good detailed critique of Garfinkel's study and method. Highly applicable to his own work!)
'Symbolic Interactionism and Ethnomethodology: A Proposed Synthesis'. ( OK summary on both although domesticates ethno a bit. Open about individuals and social dimensions, not political)
'The Secret Downing Street Memo and the Politics of Truth: A Performance Text'. (tedious virtue-signalling and imaginary politics attacking SBR and Bush in a heavily didactic clunking 'performance text')
'Grounded and Indigenous Theories and the Politics of Pragmatism' (repetitive and naive, verging on noble savagery -- see what you think)
'The Seventh Moment: Qualitative Enquiry and the Practices of a More Radical Consumer Research'. (Outlines the 'moments' . Same old claims and contradictions,linked to some cultural studies heroes (including Willis) but with none of the problems with hegemony or audiences etc. No audience research. Generalisations. Soft quantification).'
(with Keller) 'Frame Analysis Reconsidered' (Goffman as an abstract structuralist ignoring concrete reality. Also -- Goffman's reply)
'Much Ado About Goffman' (Goffman's legacy reassessed as apologetic and conservative)
'Postmodern Social Theory' (a good early piece where pomo is used to rebuke positivism -- but the implications for his utopian projects and paralogic efforts are not developed)

'Ethics in the Academy' (Denzin reviews an expose of the collaborations between Gerth and Mills, and discovers impression management and real micropolitics)
'Whose Cornerville is it anyway?' (Strong critique of the famous study. Mixes poststructuralist and marxist critiques though, as in early views of Foucault)
'Katrina and the Collapse of Civil Society in New Orleans' (Short virtue-signalling piece based on press reports. Utopian reconstruction proposals)
Reading Cultural texts (a spat with W Griswold about attempts to analyse meanings in texts using Derrida -- and Griswold's reply)
Positivism in Sociology (a spat with J Huber on positivism and her reply on politics of relativism -- she goes for it!)
Future of Sociology (spat with Collins and his reply -- classic sociological theory, incl Goffmanian bits,  now redundant. Collins criticizes D's repetition of 60s slogans)
Dispute with Hammersley (astoundingly infantile 'play' replying to Hammersley 2008
On interpretive ethnography ( long lists of shouldy things)

Notes on Books

The Qualitative Manifesto (horribly repetitive, badly organized, assertive and paratactic. Revealing details of teaching and doing ethics.  Increasingly tactical and university micropolitical)

My own discussions

Denzin, Goffman and the modern university  (tries out dramaturgy and subjective creativity after a review of the Denzin/Goffman debate)