Bourdieu page

As before, these are my notes on these pieces of work. They reflect my interests, of course. Please read the originals for yourselves.

Bourdieu himself

Homo Academicus

Pascalian Mediations
The State Nobility (important update to Bourdieu and Passeron with important methodological asides)
'Making the economic habitus. Algerian workers revisited'

Outline of a Theory of Practice

'Postscript: Towards a "Vulgar" Critique of "Pure" Critiques'
Masculine Domination (short but well developed discussion of habitus, illusio, symbolic violence etc)
'What Makes a Social Class?' (very useful summary of his method as both objective and subjective)
'Social Space and Symbolic Power' (spatial analysis as in Distinction, between objectivism and subjectivism)

'The Social Space and the Genesis of Groups' (similar to the above which it predates. More of a argument with Marxism)

Bourdieu with others

Academic Discourse
'How Can One be a Sportsman' (in Sociology in Question)
'The Inheritors...'
Bourdieu and Boltanski 'Formal Qualifications and Occupational Hierarchies...'

Bourdieu et al conference papers (early tryouts for Academic Discourse but more detail especially of the empirical studies)
 Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture

''Understanding' (a 'methodological' piece from The Weight of the World...)

See also notes on the excellent essay by Loesberg
Harrits on Bourdieu and the analysis of political practice
Bourdieu on the sociology of  'taste'
See also Bennett et al (a recent study of British tastes, applying and modifying Bourdieu)
Note some good critiques in DeCerteau and in Rancière
See my own essay on Bourdieu and Bennett, theory and methods here
Horvat has a good summary of habitus, field, capital and practice and a less successful application to analyses of race and class in US schooling
Maton criticises Bourdieu's social reductionism and prefers Bernstein.
Maton criticises the concept of epistemic reflexivity (part of a broader debate between Bourdieu and Bernstein)