Deleuze (sometimes with others): My notes and commentaries

I was going to write a single commentary on bits of the Deleuzian works that I found interesting, but instead I am going to post something more fragmented and at an earlier stage -- notes on various topics that have engaged me as I have read through the stuff. I have avoided the effort of editing it altogether, so the different sections sometimes overlap -- eg Deleuze and women, Deleuze on cultural politics etc. Some pieces have been shaped as journal articles of various kinds (so many thousand words, proof-read and properly referenced etc), and some have even been published, but others are really little more than preliminary thoughts, linked to more substantive notes on the various books.

A very short and very basic introduction to the ontology via a homely analogy

Deleuzian ontology -- a plain person's guide ( another attempt to describe the ontology in simple terms with references to longer discussion via hyperlinks for the keen)

Why is Leibniz so important for Deleuze's ontology?
  (and see the notes on folds) (and Does God do Origami? -- very short)

Against Poetic Readings of Deleuze, and "Readings of the Actual Text" (especially of Thousand Plateaus)

Why Deleuzian Scholars Should Read Proust

Deleuze and Guattari on cultural politics

On the body without organs (BWO)

Deleuze and feminist politics

Deleuze and education  (quite long sections assembled from several failed papers)

Deleuze on Nietzsche (or the apologetic nature of general philosophy)