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 Feminism and the Ideals of Justice Katherine Britton, S. Mecklenberg High.School., N.C., USA
 changes in British youth subcultures
 heritage sites
 consumption and identity
 unemployment and New Labour
Jacqueline Priddle BA, Plymouth, UK
 sustainable tourism (2 pieces) Helen Hirst BA, Plymouth, UK
 cyberculture Cassie Bond BA, Plymouth, UK
sociology and common sense
Britain as a democracy
the 'gap' in US society
journalistic freedom vs privacy legislation
Reg Hamster, Plymouth, UK
Maslow's theory of needs
marketisation and museums
Issy Hunt, Plymouth, UK
consumerism and identity
Disney and ideology
Tarquin Finland, Plymouth, UK
James Bond
postmodern video games (Kinder)
cinematic realism
American road movies

Nicola Wraight BA, Oxford, UK
James Bond (2 films compared) Karlie Burkhill BA MA, UK

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The Victorian Pub Jarod Harvey BA, Plymouth UK
These files are from Stephanie's undergraduate dissertation:
American Science Fiction: the construction, subordination and objectification of female protagonists by dominant patriarchal ideology
Ch 1 The science fiction genre
Ch 2 The female of the species is more deadly...
Ch 3 Dominant patriarchal ideology
Ch 4 The question of 'musculinity'
Stephanie Barron BA, UK

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These files are from Michele's undergraduate dissertation:
A Comparative Study of Sustainable Tourism Development in Cornwall and Andalucia
NB some files contain graphics
Introductory ( abstract and preface)
Ch 1 An introduction to Cornwall and Andalucia
Ch 2 Literature review
Ch 3 Defining the research problem
Ch 4 A critical analysis of policy
Ch 5 Conclusions
Michele Pooley BA, UK

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'Figurational' approaches to leisure
Heritage industry and visitor interpretation
Media violence -- definitions and policy
Lyn Winter BA, UK
These files are from Melvyn's undergraduate dissertation:
Great Expectaions: A Study of Visitor 
Perceptions of Tintagel (Cornwall, UK)
NB some files contain tables as graphics
Introductory (abstract and intro)
On research methods
Literature review
Designing the questionnaire
Quantitative analysis
Qualitative analysis
Appendices (incl methodological)
Melvyn Penn BA, UK

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These files are from another excellent dissertation. This one offers an  interestingly complementary approach to Melvyn's ( above):
Myth, Mythology and Hidden Meaning:
Semiotic Research in Leisure and Tourism -
the Perspective of the Informed Tourist.
Introductory (abstract and introduction)
Literature review
Substantive research (on two Cornish tourist sites)
Summary, self-critique, conclusions
Sean Gillen BA, UK

Public participation in decision making in sport and leisure

Two essays on designing coaching sessions

On the heritage industry

Organising international sports events

Organising a rock-climbing club

On 'best value' policies

On the Eden Project

Opportunities for elite sportspeople  in the UK

On neo-imperialism in Britsh culture

Women in sport...male power?

On diet and exercise

Marketing local leisure facilities
NEW On experiential learning

A very nice collection of essays and projects in Leisure and Tourism and Sports Studies from Nick Sherriff  BA (Plymouth UK) 

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Reflections on electronic learning by a mature student Lesley Wrennall, Plymouth
Reflections on deep and surface learning Karen Bradford, Plymouth -- see CV
These files are from an undergraduate dissertation by Becky Hoad:

An Exploration of Pornography and Censorship

Intro and preliminaries

Ch.1 Legislation and the Social Harm Debate.

Ch.2 The British Board of Film Classification

Ch.3 -- Research Methodology

Ch. 4 Results and Analysis of the Questionnaires

Ch. 5 Conclusions and Recommendations

Plus appendixes and a full bibliography

Rebecca Hoad BA, Plymouth -- see CV
From Nikki Baker's Dissertation on Foxhunting ( in the UK) 

Ch I Intro and Prelims
Ch 2 History of Fox Hunting and the Civilisation Process
Ch 3 Fox Hunting Today
Ch 4 Methodology
Ch 5 Results
Ch 6 Discussion of Results
Ch 7 Conclusions and Appendices

Includes references and a bibliography

These files are from Sabine's excellent dissertation on 'New Age' and consumerism

Intro and prelims
Ch 1 Production and consumption in modernity
Ch 2 Secularisation of religion
Ch 3 The New Age movement
Ch 4 Primary research -- New Age media
Ch 5 Conclusion & self-critique
Appendices etc

Includes references and a bibliography

Disney characters as commodities (an essay)

These files are from recent work by Jess Hocking BA on popular culture

Raves are more than subcultures
Raves as moral panics
Urban graffiti
Evaluating the impact of a major event -- Glastonbury

These are from Jess's dissertation on clubbing in Plymouth
Abstract and Intro
Background -- to Plymouth and to clubbing
Analysis of results
Conclusions, appendix
References, bibliography

Sabine Keller BA, Plymouth and Heidelberg

Reservist Forces and Operational Effectiveness

An undergraduate dissertation by Andy Harris in the increasingly important area of War Studies

Andrew Harris BA London
Some recent essays by one of  our best students

The Representation of Disability
Is Fox-Hunting a Sport?
Defiining the 'Rural'

Rebecca Miller, BA, Plymouth
An excellent piece of work by a local City College student

Sexual Objectification

Julian Lees

To What Extent and Why Was Archbishop William Laud Such a Hated Figure From 1640--45

A History undergraduate dissertation by Marianna focusing on the English Civil War and one of its most important figures

Marianna Rapsomanikis BA London -- see CV
Another excellent contribution from a student. Also includes some personal experience.

New Age Travellers, the Media and Moral Panics

The Politics of Mobility: A Case Study of New Age Travellers.(BA dissertation)

Ruth Phillips

A thoughful essay (some years old now) on Steiner/Waldorf education

Steiner Education and Curriculum

Alan Williams, Plymouth
A very useful critical discussion of qualitative methods in Sports Studies

Ian McCombes BA
Student plagiarism -- discussion of some studies and some personal experiences

Denise Ennis BA
How has Education for Sustainable Development developed and how does it appear in the National Curriculum?
A recent and well-received piece of work. Includes an extensive bibliography.

Frances Nichols